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My name is Venus. My naked female body is one of the most beautiful nudes by Peter Paul Rubens. I'll guide you through the programme of the Flemish Masters 2018–2020. If you are interested in lifestyle, romance, diamonds or girl power in particular, then I'm your ideal guide.

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Peter Paul Rubens, 'Venus Frigida' (1614) - © KMSKA, Antwerp © - Art in Flanders vzw - photo Hugo Maertens

Painter: Peter Paul Rubens

Hi there, my name is Venus. I'm the goddess of beauty, love and desire...

Peter Paul Rubens brought me to the north to make this painting. He named it 'Venus Frigida'. It was quite cold when he made this masterpiece. I'm used to the warm Mediterranean climate of my home, the isle of Cyprus in the south. So, that's why you see mi shivering as I'm being exposed ot the wintry landscape. Even my tittle Cupid next to me is trying to keep warm.

A classical adage says: 'Without Bacchus and Ceres, Venus grows cold.' Well, that's kind of true. One needs delicious food, a good drink and a cosy bedroom to stay warm in winter, right? So that's why you can see a satyr, one of Bacchus followers, offering me his cornucopia filled with delicacies to reignite the fire of life.

This painting is probably one of the finest nudes by Peter Paul Rubens. At that time it wasn't evident to pose nude. Many artists painted my naked body but Rubens did a really great job. By combining flesh tones with red, orange, yellow and blue heus, he transformed me into a real woman of flesh and blood. Look closely and you'll even see the shivers running down my spine. and perhaps some cellulite. What can i say, we didn't use Photoshop back in those days.