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Some of Rubens' contemporaries specialised in creating specific scenes. Take Frans Snijders, for example; he specialised in hunting and market scenes, and animals. Snijders paints with such realism that his scenes are almost tangible and his compositions perfectly show the tragic nature that is typical of the Baroque. It is this talent that means Snijders was sought out by painters to help complete their masterpieces. Snijders painted at least 60 hunting scenes and animals for Rubens.


If you would like to admire some of Frans Snijders' work, head to the Snijders & Rockox House where a number of his paintings are on display. The painter so happened to live next door to Rockox and in 2018, in Snyders' original home with its charming Flemish renaissance facade, a museum will be opened that will be dedicated to the talent of its past occupant. 

Rockox House, Keizerstraat, Antwerp

Rockox House - Keizerstraat, Antwerp - Source

Instagram susancschultz

Instagram susancschultz - Source


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Pop into one of our famous chip shops that can be found on many street corners or village squares in Flanders. Or how about some of the other typically Flemish dishes, from delicious escargots to shrimp croquettes and Belgian waffles? You can't leave until you've tried them all!

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