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Bruegel's world in black and white

Be sure to plan a trip to Brussels this year because the city is shining the spotlight on the multifaceted painter and printmaker Bruegel.

Bruegel's world in black and white

15 Oct


15 Feb


The Royal Library of Belgium Brussels


How a drawing becomes a print

In the mid-16th century, Flanders was known as the international epicentre of the production of, and trade in, prints. Together with his publisher Hieronymus Cock, Bruegel played a key role in this craft. His masterful skill and mercantile, entrepreneurial spirit provide an abundance of material for this fascinating exhibition. Held in The Royal Library of Belgium, this is a unique glimpse into a comprehensive selection of Bruegel's graphic work.

Many of these prints had several editions. However, before the first edition could be printed and distributed, there was a long process that first had to take place. For example, we know that Bruegel used to affix some of his drawings to his walls or table so that his family and friends could give their opinions on them before they were made into prints. This exhibition gives you an intimate look at those prints of Bruegel that previously only his friends were privileged enough to enjoy. A real must-see.

Bruegel in Black and White - (c) KBR_SIV22001

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