Together with a large number of partners, VISITFLANDERS contributes to the sustainable
development of Flanders and Brussels. We actively promote this top tourist destination abroad. We
do so through the following themes: gastronomy (our beer brewers, chocolatiers and top chefs are
among the world’s best), our cycling culture (seek out and find your inner Fleming on our Flemish
roads and cobblestones) and Art and Heritage (including the Flemish Masters programme 2018 –

Flemish Masters programme 2018 – 2020

Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Jan van Eyck... For over 250 years, from the 15th to long
into the 17th century, Flanders was a figurehead for fine arts in Western Europe and the source of
inspiration for well-known art movements of the time, such as the Baroque, Renaissance and the
Flemish primitives. Many works by these Flemish Masters can be admired all over the world,
although our Flemish Masters are best experienced in the place they were created, in the unique
setting of Flanders.

The guides on this website are characters that can be found in the works of our Flemish Masters.
Choose your particular area of interest and let them guide you through our destination. We hope to
welcome you soon in Flanders.

Want to know more about Flanders and Brussels? Let www.visitflanders.com be a source of
inspiration for your next trip.

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Lukas - Imagebank

Flanders contains a wealth of fine art and heritage collections with worldwide reputation.

For over ten years, www.lukasweb.be built up a unique and close cooperation with more than 70 Flemish museums and heritage institutions to digitise and make these wonderful collections available online.

We focus on sustainable digitising and very high quality images, suitable for the most demanding applications. www.lukasweb.be is a user-friendly portal providing, a swift and professional service for art lovers worldwide. 

Lukasweb, supported by the Flemish Government. 
Flanders State of the Art.